VR7704: Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner


  • Voodoo Ride Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner makes short work of tar, brake dust, dirt, and all the other road crud that winds up on your wheels. This color-change foam breaks down contaminants on a molecular level so they can easily be wiped away, leaving nothing but a spotless wheel surface. Our acid-free formula makes it's safe for all finishes, including clear-coated wheels

    NET WT. 14 OZ. (397 GRAMS)

    • Tough on crud, safe for all finishes including clear-coated wheels
    • Foaming action lifts grit and contaminants from wheel surface
    • For extra-dirty wheels, use a soft bristled brush
    • Changes from purple to white as it's working

VR7705: High-Gloss Tire Dressing


  • Voodoo Ride High-Gloss Tire Dressing provides a long-lasting shine that bonds to your tires while forming a protective barrier that prevents cracking, fading, and premature aging. The narrow spray pattern, self-leveling and no-sling formula is perfect for low profile, or any type of tire allowing you to spray and go, no wiping required.

    NET WT. 11 OZ. (312 GRAMS)

    • Sprays on as foam in a controlled 1.5" wide pattern
    • Penetrates rubber to keep it from cracking
    • Leaves tires with a rich, black luster
    • No-sling formula means it won't be thrown onto rims or paint


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